About Us

Crown Queens was birth in 2020 by me as a love letter to black and brown women in the form of clothing. I wanted to create a space for us to feel seen in different faces. Black and brown women experience a singular experience but are different in so many ways. I always wanted to curate a brand that showcase love for our culture and experiences, and that's the reason I created Crown Queens. Crown Queens gives me and other black/brown women the opportunity to be seen and heard without limiting who we are as women. My vision for Crown Queens is for every woman to be themselves without the world's opinion of who we are being dismissed and I hope anyone who purchases any items share the same vision. In February of 2023, Crown queens launched and was open to the public for purchases. I want to say thank you to all who have and continue to support Crown Queens journey, I truly appreciate the love and support. FOR US BY US. 

Micayla Currie